Evaro Italia

Chronically Chic by Evaro

Eva Rorandelli

Chronically Chic by Evaro incorporates fashion into medical, orthopedic and sport accessories.

This new line is designed for women who face everyday struggles such as physical disabilities and mobility challenges but want to wear stylish, comfortable and functional fashion accessories and clothing.

Struggling with Elhers Danlos Syndrome herself, Rorandelli has experimented with new designs and materials and found that dressing with comfortable, easy-to-wear but stylish and bright-colored clothing and accessories has a therapeutic effect on her energy and mood, allowing her to get through the harder days more easily. She noticed that people react with multiple levels of association to colors; looking at a bright color increases your heart rate, for example.

Similarly the light reflecting shine or texture of different fabrics has the power to influence mood and emotions and create fascinating new possibilities during the creative process of fashion design. Chronically Chic introduces a series of garments and accessories that function to specifically to support the body while keeping a high fashion aesthetic.